Scent of Sound

Scent of Sound

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“Scent of Sound” emerged in 1995 as a cooperation of Robert Stoefler (where are you now Robi?!) and Andrzej Slawinski from Tamas Lab. in Germany.
Its first album “Polar Lights” was a collage of algorithmic and classical composing.
At that time recording was made for AudioStrobe® program series and is still available at

Scent of Sound
We are working in a new build studio on the Lake of Zarnowiec, rehearse and explore fascinating possibilities of minimal music and theater, equipped with modern equipment and mathematics, and still staying in touch with our voices, our bodies and our spirits.
Scent of Sound

How do we sound now?

You will have to visit our sites in a few months again to hear pre-release soundtracks!

Currently we work on a MuSES Project® ( for VERIM® Ltd.( vocal and electronic textures in surround mode for mental training – soon to be implemented in “Literatur Hotel” in Iserlohn, Germany.

My Name is Andrzej (Anje). Finally I could realise my old dreams and work again together with motivated artists. In a way I feel privileged to have that chance again – to have an own studio and production/post production facilities and in addition to that,  in the same building on the lake, a theater rehearsal room.

My professional background is experimental, psychoactive music, theatre, multimedia production and personal training for Human Resources. I live in Switzerland and Poland and due to my profession travel a lot. More and more I engage myself in social and educational projects, especially in Poland, in the new emerging democracy.
My other activities are Modern Arnis, horse riding and ZEN.

Before and after the rehearsals we enjoy our company in the loft above the studios. From time to time we organise a party for invited guests. Kontact us at